Ignite your Own Power


~Choose Constructively~

I used to wake up everyday and read the paper, on the way to work I listened to the news on the radio. At work I was involved with the news – first as a journalist as later as Content Manger of the Supplements Department. At night when I came home I’d sometimes watch a news programme on TV or YouTube news features.

Being constantly involved with the media, an industry I thought I liked and was happy to work in, didn’t really give me what I thought it would. It was interesting work, that’s for sure, but I didn’t feel like anything I -or we – did was helping anyone. Truth be told, I realised we (as a journal) were making matters worse!

In a newsroom you are constantly reminded of ‘When it bleeds it leads.’ Cover pages are changed accordingly and do so as the latest drama unfolds. News that made me feel like I could make a difference was instantly pushed to the back of the paper. I also realised I felt down, and hopeless and a little defeated.

I usually have a lot of bubbly energy when I am happy, energy that, when directed properly, can be very useful – but that energy was gone. I got to the point that I wondered ‘Why do we have kids in this terrible sad world.’ Thankfully a friend reminded me constructively that if I wanted a change for the better and I could raise children with a positive outlook on life than we’d need a lot of those so I’d better get on with having loads of useful kids. At one point I quit.

I still wanted to write. I always want to write. I do believe, though, that there’s no use in bringing a message to the world of readers that makes you feel completely helpless. Instead I wanted to write words of inspiration, of joy and happiness but even more so of the real power behind everyday people.

Over the years I interviewed a lot of people; from successful entrepreneurs running big business to Rasta’s that created their own garden (see Garden of the Nation), from travelling souls (Oliver’s Travels and Aurora Canessa) to my neighbour next door (about new parenting.) I realised that most of these people had something in common – they all had a uniqueness of thinking – something we all have – something we stand by – something we believe in – sometimes that something has to be highlighted by an outsider in order to realise that we even have it – but it is that something that makes us do what we do and that makes us, us.

These stories enabled me to enable myself and to propel myself forward. They were constructive! There narratives made me realise that the message is ‘Yes, we can!’ If you just focus on constructive words and publish the stories of those that are doing something to change themselves, and possibly the world around them than you are enabling others to believe in their strength as well.

We all have that strength hidden somewhere beneath, sometimes dusty and dormant, but it is the words we use and the stories we read that allow us to slowly ignite our power again. We can change the world but we have to start somewhere.

So start by reading, and listening to, stories that enable, news that constructs our planet instead of break it apart. A fantastic publication is PositiveNews, a British magazine that decided to crowd-fund and become a co-op in order to enable real constructive journalism.